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Ellen Rachel Frederiksen was born at Kevisville, Alberta on August 14, 1914.

Kevisville is located at 25-35-4-W5 and is 33 km (21 mi) west of the town of Innisfail.
Her birth registration shows only the surname, "Fredrickson" with no Christian names -
Mum was required to complete the form, adding her given names, "Ellen Rachel"
when she applied for her Social Insurance Number many years later.

Danish flag, red with white cross

The birth registration was signed by "Earl Frederiksen", but her father was known as Harold Frederiksen.
Mother is listed as Saima Mathilde Nuquist.

Saima and Harold were married in Denmark.
One source says they were married at Braaby, Haslev, on 12/7.1907 another states: Marriage: in Vejle 10 September 1907.

Harald Henrik Vilhelm Frederiksen, worker in Vejle, was the son of garden driver
Christen Frederiksen and wife Henriette Sophie Axelsen of Braaby, and born in Braaby,
20 November, 1882, 24 years old.

Saima Matilda Nyquist was the daughter of night watchman Samuel Nyquist and wife Susanna
Nyquist of Vaasa, Finland. Saima was born in Ylistaro, Finland, March 11 1887. She was 20 years old.

Harald's parents lived in Braaby, Haslev and Saima's parents lived in Vaasa, Finland
at the time of the marriage.
From the records, we believe witnesses to the marriage were:
Tannery workers Kristian Peter Rosen and Jorgen Larsen.

On August 20, 1910, Harald Frederiksen boarded the SS Baltic, sailing from Liverpool to New York.
He was 27 years old, and the manifest lists him as "single" and his occupation as "farmer".
His last residence appears to be Gruneufield, Denmark. (The spelling may be incorrect.)
Relative is "father, Christian Frederiksen of Grisseufield, Copenhagen. Destination is Emmetsburg, Iowa.
Place of birth is "Gressenfield, Denmark". Description is "5'10" Hair blonde, eyes blue."
"Going to join relative, name and address" is "Cousin, Niels Swainson (or Simonson) PO Box 733, Emmetsburg, Iowa.

Copy of the Ship Manifest for Harald Frederiksen

Saima travelled on August 23, 1910 aboard the SS Caronia, also sailing from Liverpool to New York.
Her last permanent residence was "Lille Grundet".
She was 23 years old, height 5' 5 1/2" with blonde hair and blue eyes.
The name and address of nearest relative or friend, "Frederiksen, Keppelsoft, Vejle, brother in law"

Copy of the Ship Manifest for Saima Frederiksen


While Kevisville was the main settlement in the area, Red Raven (just north of Kevisville),
Raven, and Dickson, were the districts settled by Danish immigrants.

"The first Danish settlement on the Canadian Prairies was founded at Dickson, Alberta
in 1903, mainly by Danes from Nebraska. Other colonies were established in 1905
at Standard and Dalum, Alberta."
The Danish Canadian National Museum website

The distance between Dickson and Kevisville is 8 km (5 mi)

The area's local history was told in the community book, Grub-axe to grain and may be found digitized at Our Roots.

The Frederiksens apparently came to Alberta in 1911, after their 1910 arrival in the United States.
They homesteaded on a section of land elsewhere, before settling on the land they would claim in 1917.


1917 Information

Research shows that Harold Frederiksen filed a claim for the land location of
S.E. 1/4 of Section 28, Township 35, Range 4, West of the 5th Meridian at Crooked Creek, west of Red Raven.
The distance between Kevisville and Raven is 7 km (4 mi.)

Neighbours included the Madsen, Brown, and Petersen families. Others nearby were the Adams,
Dolphin, Buchanan and Norgaard families.

An "Application For Entry for a Homestead", dated April 12, 1917, states that
"Wife and 3 children Nov. 29, 1913, continuously" resided at the homestead.

The Land Patent was issued on June 19th, 1917.

Farmer horse and plough

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